Unlock unlimited customization with Nexoid, the versatile ERP solution built to adapt to your needs. Designed for flexibility, Nexoid provides user-modifiable workflows, interfaces, and APIs, encouraging users to tailor their experience to maximum utility. With layered overrides for personalized interface customizations and a robust workflow solution for seamless integrations, Nexoid isn’t just a tool—it’s the key to transforming your business operations.

Nexoid was created as a versatile ERP solution, with customization right at the core of the system. All workflows, interfaces, and APIs are open for users to modify as they see fit. Unlike many systems, Nexoid doesn't charge for installed modules or features; instead, we operate on a usage-based model. Our business model motivates us to encourage users to derive maximum utility from the system. As such, we release all modules as free "applications" that can be installed on your instance.

The front-end interface, or user 'model', is designed to be extremely adaptable. Sent to the user's machine every time they log in, the model governs everything from button visibility to menu behavior, display of search results, the configuration of text boxes, buttons on record pages, and more. Administrators can modify all aspects of the user's model.

A wealth of information, including explanations and examples of every interface component, is readily available at

A noteworthy feature of Nexoid's model interface system is its ability to be overridden in layers—an approach akin to polymorphism. At the topmost layer, we have installed modules, which are accessible under module subscriptions in the settings section. These modules, written and maintained by Nexoid, can be customized at the next layer—found in the module customizations settings. Any code entered here will apply to everyone on your customer account, and can be used to either create a new ERP interface or extend/override parts of a subscription module.

This concept of layered overrides is what lends Nexoid its distinctive power. For instance, if you install our popular ITSM module and wish to alter the incident priority scale from 1-5 to 1-3, you simply need to override the relevant code section. Such customizations allow you to retain all updates while preserving your custom code.

This customization is feasible at all levels—you can modify the model at the company account level, group level, or even user level. This flexibility proves advantageous for testing and development purposes.

But interface customizations are just half the story. Nexoid also possesses a robust workflow solution that supports scheduled events, inbound API and webhook events, facilitating easy two-way integration with any system. The workflows are automatically created when you install a module, but can be easily altered or replaced. By keeping the code visible, we empower you to run your business your way, rather than being constrained by rigid software suppliers.