Supercharge your operations with Nexoid's seamless integrations. Experience unparalleled flexibility with our robust Restful API and webhooks, ensuring automated responses to system events. Catering to legacy systems and empowering IT to DevOps users, Nexoid streamlines your workflow like never before.

Integration is the cornerstone of efficiency. Imagine a user raising a helpdesk ticket and Nexoid can automatically alert you to any outages known to your system monitoring tool. Or, consider a development ticket raised through the helpdesk automatically creating a task in your development management system and then automatically closed when development completes the task.

Nexoid offers near-infinite flexibility with its Restful API. Unlike some tools, Nexoid also supports webhooks or system events, allowing you to design a workflow that triggers only when a record is created, updated or deleted. This functionality offers incredible flexibility for integration with other systems.

We understand that not all systems support Restful APIs. Some legacy systems employ older protocols, and some even utilize files. Nexoid addresses this with a pass-through application that allows commands to be sent within your private network. This can facilitate creation or reading of files, as well as interaction with SOAP and Restful APIs within the network.

This approach is both secure and extraordinarily powerful. It's been designed from the ground up to simplify the life of a system administrator. All it requires is an ordinary port forward, with the rest of the configuration handled automatically.

In addition to Nexoid's robust workflow system, we also offer a superb API. It's been designed in a manner that's easily comprehensible for IT operations personnel. Even someone with basic scripting knowledge will find it accessible. This script-friendly design is ideal for DevOps and power users. We've seen instances where users have connected it to system monitoring tools, document management tools, and even Excel.