Barden Chapman

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Case Studies

Barden Chapman, a prominent engineering firm based in London, faced the common challenge of managing multiple complex projects, tasks, and accounting reports. The intricacies of prospecting, quoting, and monitoring progress in real-time needed a sophisticated yet intuitive solution. Nexoid, a state-of-the-art ERP solution, was able to provide the necessary tools to revolutionize Barden Chapman's operational capabilities and streamline their project management process.

Barden Chapman’s old system was proving inefficient and time-consuming. Prospecting and quoting were cumbersome processes that required considerable manual effort and lacked integration with modern tools like Microsoft Excel. Also, their project management lacked an effective system for tracking time and project progress in real-time. The outdated timesheet system created discrepancies and often resulted in billing complications. On the accounting front, reporting was convoluted and time-consuming.

Enter Nexoid, which offered a comprehensive solution addressing each of Barden Chapman's challenges. Nexoid's sales process prospecting and quotes module, integrated with Microsoft Excel, allowed managers to rapidly scope projects and import them into the system, saving significant time and effort. The new project management module introduced task management capabilities, including cleverly designed timesheets. Engineers could now log in the hours they worked and estimate the time remaining to complete a task. This advanced timesheet feature could then calculate task completion rates, report overruns, and bill the client accordingly.

The Nexoid team worked closely with Barden Chapman to customize and implement the solution according to the firm's unique needs. Through collaborative workshops and ongoing consultation, the system was rolled out smoothly, with minimum disruption to the ongoing work. On-the-job training sessions ensured all employees understood and could effectively use the new system.

Post-implementation, Barden Chapman saw immediate improvements. The firm reported a significant reduction in the time spent prospecting and quoting thanks to the integration with Microsoft Excel. The advanced timesheet system was a game-changer, providing accurate real-time progress updates and enabling more accurate billing. If an engineer, for example, spent 5 hours and estimated 5 hours remaining on an 8-hour task, Nexoid would bill the client for 50% or 4 hours of the task, and also reported that the task was running behind schedule by 25%. This transparency increased client trust and improved project control. In addition, Nexoid's comprehensive accounting reports brought clarity and efficiency to the firm’s financial management.

The successful partnership between Barden Chapman and Nexoid serves as a testament to the power of advanced ERP solutions in optimizing operations. By providing an efficient, user-friendly system, Nexoid helped Barden Chapman streamline their processes, improve project transparency, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive their business towards greater success.