Unite your workforce, bridge departmental silos, transform data into actionable information, and streamline your operations.

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What is Nexoid ERP?

Nexoid ERP is a ready-to-run cloud ERP that delivers the latest industry best practices and continuous innovation.

  • Run with industry best practices

    by applying preconfigured processes that are ready to go

  • Build your own breakthroughs

    by reshaping business models and redefining work on the fly

  • Grow without limits

    by adding customers, markets, and products without adding complexity

  • Go live with confidence

    by using proven technology to deliver speed and agility


Nexoid ERP

Nexoid ERP is your one-stop solution to streamline all your business processes. It's a cloud-based software designed to manage everything from finance and accounting to sales, customer management, project management and operations. With Nexoid ERP, you'll have access to real-time data for improved decision making, promoting efficiency and productivity across your organisation. Say goodbye to complex systems and hello to a smarter, faster way of managing your business. If you want to find out more please talk to our sales team and we will happily give you a demonstration.

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Price is only the tip of the iceberg. See why people are making the switch to Nexoid.

Features Nexoid SAP MS Dynamics Oracle Workday Infor
Supported Conditional Absent
License Cost (per user per month USD) $30-$45 $50-$245 $70-$180 $80-$175 $60-$100 $80-$110
Average Custom Feature Cost (USD) $6,500 $16,500 $21,000 $21,500 $13,750 $13,750
Mobile Device Support
Free Modules
Layered Customisation
Enforced Audits
Backup and Restore
Architecture Scalability
General Purpose AI
Workflow Automation (webhook events, inbound and scheduled)
Simple Code Import/Export
Simple API Security
Pay for what you use
* Information provided in this table is based on data collected from multiple sources including web searches, OpenAI GPT, white papers, and LinkedIn interviews.

Unlock the Power of AI

We natively integrate with OpenAI's ChatGPT, a Large Language Model that embodies the essence of a sophisticated general Artificial Intelligence. Imagine an intelligent robot, that has read every book, studied every degree, speaks every language. This is just the beginning, interactive virtual assistant chatbots are only a fraction of its capabilities.

The real value lies in transforming soft language into quantifiable hard data. What was once intangible data such as the professionalism of communication, customer's mood, or the risk of a request can now be efficiently converted into valuable numerical data. Open up a whole new world of management information and insights.

Experience this technology for yourself. Try our Interactive AI demo. This demo, which requires no sign-in, offers just a glimpse of the possibilities turning the free text of an IT support ticket and convert it into tangible metrics like priority level, security risk, and difficulty.

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Getting to know
Nexoid ERP

Absolutely. Nexoid ERP is designed from the ground up to be a versatile business workflow solution. We offer optional and complimentary models such as ITSM service desk and password management solutions, which are available for installation from our store. Once installed, you have the freedom to modify any and all of these models as per your needs. You also have the option to create custom models from scratch, which can be tailored to suit almost any business workflow imaginable. Our interface is fully customisable and user-friendly. We also provide comprehensive developer documentation.

Nexoid ERP integration is extremely straightforward. Nexoid employs a RestFUL API, an industry-standard that simplifies the process of data transfer. Our security layer is managed with session IDs in the request body rather than the request header, making it easier for IT operations staff to connect to Nexoid using curl or PowerShell scripts.

Additionally, we support webhooks, which can be used to create outbound API calls when system events occur, such as record creation or updates in Nexoid. The combination of Nexoid's webhook and inbound API workflows allows for integration with any third-party system.

Furthermore, we support bulk imports, deletions, and updates. For more information, please refer to our API documentation.

Most of our competitors rely on a traditional application server database server model. This model involves an application server or a cluster of servers that are constantly running, wasting resources and money as they wait for user requests. These servers typically remain idle throughout the night and become a bottleneck during the day, especially during periods of high usage.

In contrast, Nexoid employs a serverless architecture. Instead of having dedicated servers waiting for requests, we utilize Amazon's AWS Lambda - a pool of millions of small computers that can be assigned to individual user requests or interactions. The advantage of this system is that it uses minimal processing power during the night, resulting in reduced costs. Moreover, during the day, we can effectively handle an unlimited number of requests simultaneously.

For more information about our architecture, please refer to our white paper.

Nexoid operates without any imposed limitations. As a serverless application hosted on Amazon's AWS cloud, Nexoid effectively offers limitless possibilities. This is because the serverless architecture allows for seamless scaling in accordance with your usage, eliminating any concerns about capacity constraints.

At Nexoid, we believe in providing all features to all customers, thereby ensuring an inclusive and comprehensive user experience. Our pricing is based solely on usage, not on feature access. This means that you are charged only for the resources you use, and nothing more.

We refrain from imposing any artificial limits. Our goal is to provide a platform that can adapt and grow with your needs, offering you the freedom and flexibility to explore and expand without any restrictions. This approach empowers our customers to fully utilize our services without any concerns about hitting any imposed limitations.

Security is our top priority. Our serverless architecture is hosted on Amazon's AWS, meaning no one at Nexoid has access to physical servers or server operating systems. Our server infrastructure is entirely managed by AWS, a world-leading, ISO27001 certified organization trusted by thousands globally, including the US military. This setup ensures the highest level of data protection, leveraging AWS's advanced security measures.

Nexoid employs a regionalised data architecture. This ensures that your data is stored in at least three data centers within a jurisdiction region, typically a country, of your choice. You select your region during the sign-up process and your data will not leave that specific region.

There are currently 11 regions to choose from. Australia, Brazil, France Germany, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom and two in the United States.

Nexoid is committed to customer satisfaction and thus, offers a range of support services. At a basic level, all customers receive system-level support, which includes troubleshooting and assistance with general inquiries or issues. This ensures that all users can smoothly operate and navigate through our system.

For customers with more specific or complex needs, Nexoid offers advanced support options. These can be customized to address unique challenges or requirements that a customer may have. This could include priority support, dedicated account management, or bespoke solutions tailored to the customer's business operations.

Nexoid ERP has a unique approach to customer charging. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the maximum value from our system. Unlike others, we provide all modules, functions, and workflows to our customers at no cost. Instead, we charge based on the amount of data you use.

We encourage you to take advantage of our flexible pay-as-you-go system as it’s typically a 1/3 of the price of our competitors. However, we understand that this may not be suitable for every customer. Therefore, we are open to discussing yearly or even flat rate contracts to accommodate your specific needs.

If you want to find out more please have a look at our pricing and pricing calculator pages.

Nexoid is not only user-friendly but also cost-effective. On average, the implementation cost for Nexoid is about a third of that of its direct competitors. This affordability is a result of our unique and efficient development approach.

For our interface, we utilize a rapid development scripting method. This innovative approach significantly reduces the time required to build the interface, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. This time saving translates directly into cost savings for our customers.

In terms of backend technology, Nexoid opts for OpenSearch technology instead of traditional relational databases. OpenSearch technology provides a more efficient, flexible, and scalable solution, resulting in substantial time savings. This, in turn, reduces the overall cost of implementation.

Nexoid's unique blend of innovative interface scripting and efficient backend technology allows us to provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution. We pass these savings directly onto our customers, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

You can reach us at +44 (0)207 078 8122 during our operating hours of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm GMT. Alternatively, you can email us at or fill out our contact form on