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Not every cloud is built equal

Nexoid is built on Amazon AWS, ensuring top-notch speed, security, and distribution. Our serverless architecture eliminates bottlenecks, as opposed to some providers that use one server per client. We distribute each request among a pool of tens of thousands of servers. In real-world instances, Nexoid has demonstrated a performance advantage of more than 150 times compared to conventional competitors.

In addition to our groundbreaking architecture, we also localize your data, ensuring it remains within the specified jurisdiction. This not only enhances speed but also positions us as one of the few providers compliant with local data protection regulations.

Every region consists of a minimum of four data centers, delivering optimal speed, connectivity, and redundancy. Pricing varies across regions; for more information, please contact us to discuss pricing details.

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Only pay for what you use

Select from one of our four plans, each meticulously crafted to meet varying usage needs. In case your requirements change, calling for an escalation or reduction in usage, you can effortlessly modify your plan, even mid-month, courtesy of our no-contract policy. Additionally, Nexoid's pay-per-use model could often result in a cost decrease of 50%. Adjusting your plan with Nexoid is a breeze.

Permissions like no other

Permissions are administered at the level of an object or individual entry, providing you with the versatility to divide data not just by category but also by team. Nexoid stands out as one of the rare systems that accommodate multiple owners for each record, enabling you to include intersecting teams in your regular business procedure.

Case study

Consider a scenario where an external team needs to audit 10% of your daily operations. Beyond the usual team permissions, an extra "audit" owner can be attached to every tenth record. This provides the external audit team with a representative sample of all records, enabling them to perform an audit task without having superfluous access to data. Once an auditor deems a record compliant, a workflow is triggered to remove the audit permission.

Revolutionary Permissions Management
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Automate everything

Our workflow management tool empowers you to append and carry out custom code activated by system events. These system events could be instigated by a user's action (webhooks), an external API call, or even programmed to occur at a regular interval.

Case study

In typical IT service desk operations, we deal with two main types of issues: "Incidents" and "Problems". An Incident is a customer's specific concern, like "I can't print", while a Problem is a larger service issue, such as a malfunctioning printer, affecting multiple customers. Nexoid aids in this process by linking associated incidents to the main problem. Once the identified Problem is solved, Nexoid ensures all related Incidents are marked as resolved and notifies each affected customer of the resolution.