Tender Q&A

Discover clarity and confidence in your procurement journey with our comprehensive Tender Questions & Answers page - your roadmap to partnering with Nexoid.

1. Corporate Information

What is Nexoid corporate registered status?

Nexoid is a United Kingdom registered private limited company whose company no. 09015573.

Does Nexoid have a parent entity?

Yes, Nexoid is 100% owned by Jonathon Grantham Limited no. 09013774.

Is Nexoid UK VAT registered?

Yes, Nexoid is VAT registrered. The VAT number is GB207851214.

Where is Nexoid Headquarter?

Nexoid's headquarter is 12 John Princes Street, London, W1G 0JR United Kingdom.

What is the history of Nexoid?

Nexoid was founded in 2014, has evolved from a technology consultancy into a full-featured solution platform that focuses on business optimization and workflow technologies.

What is the Nexoid telephone number and contact details?

You can contact Nexoid on +44 (0) 207 078 8122 and at hello@nexoid.com

2. Technical Architecture / Hosting

Where is the data stored?

Nexoid users are regionalized, nexoid is built on AWS technologies. All client data is restricted to a physical region. Regions are selected during the registration process.

How is data processed?

All data processing is restricted to the jurisdiction region up until it leaves Nexoid. Web traffic and emails may leave the jurisdiction region due to public internet infrastructure routing. Nexoid uses a combination of encryption and section tokens to ensure security between end users and nexoid.

What regions are available?

Yes, Nexoid is available in the following regions; Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom, USA.

How is the data stored within a region?

All data is encrypted at rest and replicated across a minimum of 3 data centres within a jurisdiction region.

Is there a user limit?

There is no user limit for Nexoid. Nexoid's server infrastructure is elastic and will expand to meet demand.

Is there a limit for an Individual record?

Record data is stored in JSON format and is limited to 5 MB per record.

Is there a limit on files and attachments?

Attachments is limited to 4 GB each. Account total attachments is unlimited.

Is there any speed performance deterioration with scale or size?

Nexoid uses a serverless architecture, which means there is no speed performance degradation as data grows.

Does Nexoid have system monitoring?

Yes Nexoid monitors all services. The live status can be found at www.nexoid.com/status.

Is the data backed up?

Yes every 24 hours there is a full system backup. In addition users have the ability to back up and restore themselves.

3. Technical Support

How many nines of availability does Nexoid offer?

For the API and application, Nexoid offers 99.99999% (7) system availability. For storage and database back ups, Nexoid offers 99.999999999% (11) availability.

How often does Nexoid release updates?

Nexoid uses a continual deployment software development methodology. This means there could be as many as 20 releases during a single day. Software releases are designed in a way that they do not affect day-to-day operations for our customers.

Does nexoid support single sign-on?

Nexoid supports single sign-on for both Microsoft Azure and Google workspace.

Does Nexoid sync users with Microsoft Active Directory?

Yes, Nexoid synchronises all users in active directory or Google workspace with Nexoid internal user database. Users are entered into Nexoid as disabled accounts which need to be manually enabled for access to the application.

Does Nexoid have an API?

Yes Nexoid uses a full featured rest API. We give our users access to the same API that we use for the Nexoid application. This means you have the ability to do everything that our developers can do.

How does Nexoid secure its API?

Nexoid users session ids in the body of the request. Session ids can be set to have a rolling and an absolute expiry time. We put the session id in the body of the request instead of the header, to make it easier for developers and external parties to integrate with Nexoid.

Does Nexoid support Webhooks?

Nexoid supports Webhooks on all records events including create read update delete and files attachment and delete.

Can the Nexoid interface be customised?

Nexoid interface is 100% customizable. Nexoid offers of the shelf solutions which can then be enhanced or overridden at company user group or individual user level.

Does Nexoid support scheduled workflows?

Nexoid supports scheduled workflows written in Node.js. All workflow code is uncompilled and therefore editable by anyone with the correct permission.

Does Nexoid support inbound API events?

Yes Nexoid supports inbound API events up to 5 MB.

What browsers are compatible with Nexoid application?

Nexoid application is designed to support the latest version of chrome, firefox, microsoft edge and safari

Is Nexoid designed for mobile devices?

Nexoid built modules are designed for desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Does Nexoid keep an ordered history of changes to each record ?

Yes Nexoid records all activity on a record by record basis including create, read update, delete.

4. Security & Compliance

Is Nexoid data hosted in a secure way?

All Nexoid data is stored inside Amazon Web Services managed environment. This means Amazon is responsible for all updates, security patches and physical security to the data centres. Nobody at Nexoid has access to physical servers or server operating systems.

Is Nexoid ISO27001 compliant?

Nexoid doesn't have ISO27001 certification; AWS is ISO27001 compliant.

Does Nexoid offer two-factor authentication?

Yes through Microsoft Azure and Google Workspace single sign on, Nexoid offers two-factor authentication.

Does Nexoid audit correct and incorrect login attempts?

Yes Nexoid record usersnames and IP addresses of all login attempts.

Does Nexoid store user passwords securely?

Yes Nexoid uses a 512 bit hash with salt that is unique to that user to store a user's password.

Does Nexoid encrypt data at rest?

Yes Nexoid encrypts live data and back up data at rest.

Does Nexoid use SSL?

Yes, Nexoid uses SSL with 2048 Bit certificates on all internet traffic.

Permission and user control

What kind of user access control does Nexoid offer?

Nexoid supports both logical object type and individual record level permission.

5. Billing and contracts

Does Nexoid support credit card payments?

By default nexoid uses credit card payment for our pay as you go offering.

Does Nexoid support direct debit or monthly invoices?

Yes Nexoid supports flat rate direct debit or montlhy / yearly direct debit. This needs to be discussed with your account manager.

6. Technical Support

Does Nexoid have a support number?

Yes Nexoid has a support number available between 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday +44 (0) 207 078 8122, and emergency after hours number.

Does Nexoid offer training ?

Yes, Nexoid can offer training as part of the contract.

Does Nexoid offer custom development and support?

Yes Nexoid offers custom development and support as a part of the contract.

Does Nexoid have SLAs?

Yes, Nexoid can have SLAs negotiated as a part of the contact.

Can a user guide, training manual be produced?

Yes, Nexoid can create training manuals and user guides as part of the contracts.

Is Nexoid compliant with anti-slavery legislation?

Yes, Nexoid and its supply chain are compliant with UK anti slavery laws.

Is Nexoid compliant with bribery and corruption regulation?

Yes, Nexoid is compliant with UK bribery and corruption laws.

Does Nexoid have a diversity and inclusion policy?

Yes, Nexoid supports and encourages diversity of all types.